Thursday, February 5, 2015

Panjim Oneliners - Panjim in the eye of others

If someone asked you to explain Panjim - capital city of Goa in a couple of sentences , i am sure this would be a big task even for the most seasoned of goan . Here are a few one liners how various travel books and travelers have defined panjim in their writings.

...the strange and compelling statue of man bearing down upon a supine female form depcits one of goa ’s most famous home grown talents, Abbe Faria, an eighteenth century Goan priest, father of ‘ hypnotism ’ and friend of Napolean in full melodramatic throes.

Amy Karafin, Anirban Mahapatra, in “South India”, p.194

Slung along the banks of the wide Mandovi River, Panaji (also still widely known by its former Portuguese name Panjim), goa ’s small and spritely state capital since 1843, boasts its own laid-back brand of originality. Purpose-built neat and tidy by its former Portuguese colonisers, the city’s inhabitants have adapted its European -flavoured legacy to suit their affluent and easygoing needs.

~ Lonely Planet, in Introducing Panaji

Among goa ’s cities, Panaji is great place simply to wander with the old quarters, Fontainhas and Sao Tome still bearing a distinctive Portuguese influence.
~ Paul Harding, in Goa (2003), p.110 (Sources)

Chapel of Saint Sebastian, has crucifix first brought to Panaji in 1812 from Old goa after the Inquisition was suppressed. It is considered an unusual piece since Christ ’s eyes are open – rather than shut as is customary - and legend has it that this was done to instill fear in the hearts of those being brought before the dreaded Inquisitors.

~ Amy Karafin, Anirban Mahapatra, in “South India”, p.195