Friday, December 13, 2013

Aravalem Caves

Any Goa tour should not be complete without a visit to what we are going to cover next. Bicholim Taluka is a treasure trove of historical places and temples in goa , some of which are rarely visited by tourists as these are at a relative long distance from the regular tourist circuit.

One of the best examples are the Arvalem Caves or the “Pandava Caves”which are a set of 5 caves cut into the rock face dating back to the 6th century. As legend has it these caves were used to take refuge during their exile.The presence of 5 chambers and shivlingas provides relevance to this fact.

The caves are also claimed to be of Buddhist origin due to presence of a Buddha statue nearby. The caves are simple and cut by hand. Steel bars have been added much later to prevent dogs and other animals from taking refuge in these caves. The presence of the famous Rudreshwar temple and a waterfall in its vicinity, makes this place a must visit in Goa.

Description of the caves as per Archaeological Survey of India

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