Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Royal Hierarchy of the Kadamba Transport Corporation

All government departments tend to get nick names .The various adaptations of PWD are well known. The Kadamba Transport Corporation can similarly be bestowed with befitting nicknames.
When it comes to the traveling public the epithet ‘Kill The Conductor’ comes to mind when his royal highness, prince of the Kabadi Transport Corporation refuses to give a half ticket under the senior citizen quota without an I-Card even though he can see that the old spirit demanding the concession is already on his way to heaven .

And what about the driver, the king of the potholed goan autobahns .No one can question his motives when he decides to stop 300 meters before or after a bus-stop. He is virtually immune from prosecution when he dispatches a few souls to hospital.

And finally the emperor himself, the chairman of "Cattle Transport Corporation" who keeps blaming the cause of accidents on non availability of new buses. He should therefore order his subjects to change the “Horn OK “sign at the back of all old buses to “R-I-P :Run If Possible”. Not only will the sign encourage the bus to run but also will serve as a warning to the pedestrians to run when they see a blue white bus bearing down on them.

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