Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sunset at Dudhsagar

If you happen to hop onto the Goa express train which goes from Vasco to Delhi , you will experience the chance of seeing one the most scenic of Goa sunsets ever . Here are a few of the shots taken at sunset

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Royal Hierarchy of the Kadamba Transport Corporation

All government departments tend to get nick names .The various adaptations of PWD are well known. The Kadamba Transport Corporation can similarly be bestowed with befitting nicknames.
When it comes to the traveling public the epithet ‘Kill The Conductor’ comes to mind when his royal highness, prince of the Kabadi Transport Corporation refuses to give a half ticket under the senior citizen quota without an I-Card even though he can see that the old spirit demanding the concession is already on his way to heaven .

And what about the driver, the king of the potholed goan autobahns .No one can question his motives when he decides to stop 300 meters before or after a bus-stop. He is virtually immune from prosecution when he dispatches a few souls to hospital.

And finally the emperor himself, the chairman of "Cattle Transport Corporation" who keeps blaming the cause of accidents on non availability of new buses. He should therefore order his subjects to change the “Horn OK “sign at the back of all old buses to “R-I-P :Run If Possible”. Not only will the sign encourage the bus to run but also will serve as a warning to the pedestrians to run when they see a blue white bus bearing down on them.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Aguada Fort

Inner Bastions ( Light House at Fort Aguada)
Fort Aguada is located on Sinquerim beach about 18 Kms from Panjim. Aguada in Portuguese means “Watering place” and the fort was built in 1612 to provide fresh water to Portuguese ships.

Fort Aguada Structure

The fort consists of a lower fort which provided safe cover for ships and an upper fort which consisted of more elaborate arrangements such as a light house, water storage tanks, ammunition storage and Quarters for sailors. The inner citadel is ringed by thick battlements and was protected by two hundred cannons overlooking a deep moat, which one still has to cross to get inside.

The lighthouse is located in the center of the upper fort and it initially used an oil lamp. It was later renovated and modernised in 1976. If one goes to Miramar Beach after 6pm one can sometimes even today see the light coming out of the lighthouse as it is being tested. The lighthouse was the temporary home of St Augustines basillica bell before it was moved to Our Lady of Immaculate Conception church at Panaji.

Aguada Fort Today

Photo Taken in 2003 , Outer Bastions - Aguada Fort
The Aguada fort, at present, houses the Goa Central Jail and access to certain parts of the structure are hence restricted. Even today a visit to Fort Aguada takes one back to the numerous Bollywood movies scenes which have been shot here. The spectacular view of Panjim and the Arabian sea with roaring sea waves breaking on the rocks below as well as the sea breeze blowing in your hair perfectly complements the perfect sunset that one can see from the top of the fort. Fort Aguada Beach Resort is a seven star property which is present along the lower slopes of the steep sided peninsula which is commanded by the fort .

Monday, November 4, 2013

Goa High Court

With the passing of Goa, Daman & Re-organization Act, 1987 by the Parliament conferring Statehood to Goa, the High Court of Bombay became the common High Court for the states of Maharashtra and Goa and the Union Territories of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu w.e.f. 30-05-1987. 

The High Court is today located right infront of the old Bal Bhavan Building. It has since been renovated and improved. 

Goa Sunset

Goan Beaches are know for their clear and spectacular Sunsets. Being on the south cost of India and with clear and pristine beaches , any trip to Goa needs to have one experiencing the Goa beach sunset for one self.

Here are a few sunset photos taken on Colva Beach sometime in the year 2009.

People Enjoying the sunset