Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Goa leads India in having Best IMR Score

Heres one more reason to be born in Goa J
Was reading the Times of India with my Morning Chai today and came across this article on Infant mortality rates in India. 
The  smallest states in the country namely Manipur in the north-east and Goa on the west coast now lead the country with an Infant Mortality Score ( IMR)  of just 10. The average IMR for india today stands at 42 ( 30% Reduction from 2003 numbers ). Maharastra has an IMR of 25 , Delhi 25 , Tamil Nadu 21 and Kerela 12.
This low rate of infant mortality puts Goa  in the league of most western countries and in one sense this is great news for the hundreds of people associated with the medical field in Goa . Kudos to GMC , Goa health Department for doing such a great Job.

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