Saturday, August 31, 2013

Around Margao : Sat Burzam Ghor | House of Seven Roofs

As one enters margao from panjim side and nears the margoa church, you will be able to see the beautiful mansion of the Sat Burzam Ghor.  Also Known as the “House of Seven Roofs” this wonderful specimen of grand Portugal architecture today has only three gables left out of the original seven. 

The house is also refereed to as house of Eurico Santana de Silva. 

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goa Portuguese Architecture

The Portuguese have left an ever lasting impression on Goan Architecture. If you visit any of the cities of Goa such as Margao, Panjim , etc , you will see a large number of such Portuguese houses still being maintained in their original splendor, These Casas  ('Casa' means House in Portuguese) have been around for ages and still going strong.

Alvares Mansion in Margao
The traditional pre-Portuguese homes were inward-looking with small windows; this reflected the secluded role of women. The houses opened into courtyards, and rarely opened onto streets. The Catholic houses built or refurbished between the middle of the 18th and the 20th centuries were more outward-looking and ornamental, with balcões (covered porches) and verandas facing the street. The large balcões had built-in seating, open to the street, where men and women could sit together and ‘see and be seen’, chat with their neighbours, or just enjoy the evening breeze.

These balcões are bordered by ornamental columns that sometimes continued along the steps and added to the stature of the house. This, together with the plinth, which usually indicated the status of the owners. The houses of rich landlords had high plinths with grand staircases leading to the front door or balcão.

The walls were made of mud and then later of laterite stone; they were usually plastered then painted. Very few buildings are coloured exactly alike and solid colours are used for front facades; interiors are usually in paler colours/white with solid color highlights.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Friday, August 9, 2013

Milagres Church | Church of Our Lady of Miracles

Located around 2Kms from Mapusa main bus stand , the Milagres church  is the pinnacle of cultural integration and harmony between the Hindu and Christian community Of Goa. The church was built on the site of a Hindu temple in 1594. It was rebuilt in 1674, again destroyed by fire in 1838 then nearly burnt to the ground by retreating Portuguese forces in 1961 and then renovated.
Milagres Church
Groto of Milagres Church

The church was dedicated to St. Jerome. The Statue of St. Jerome was brought from Choras Seminary. This was later replaced by Statue of Our Lady of Miracles on the main altar with this statue being moved to the left side of the altar.  The Statue of St. John the Baptist is located to the right hand side of the altar. A grotto was setup in 1920 in front of the large forecourt along with a mortuary chapel to complement the cemetery.

As with all chapels and churches in Goa there is a special date when the fete of Milagres (Milagres Saibinn feast )is celebrated . The feast falls on the Monday following the 3rd week of Easter. For the Catholics who celebrate this feast, Mother Mary is the Milagres Saibinn while for the non-Christian Goans, Milagres Saibinn is "Tulzai Sateri Devi". During the Shirgao zatra, it is Goddess lahirai that is worshipped.
Milagres Church - Possibly the first concrete road in Goa

As per tradition and mythology is is believed that the Milagres Saibinnwas one of the seven sisters who was converted by the Portuguese while the rest of the six sisters remained as Hindu and continue to be worshiped at different temples across Goa. This sisterhood is further fortified by the tradition where the lahirai sends one 'colso' ( pot) of oil to her sister on the Milagres feast day. The Milagres Saibin reciprocates by sending mogra flowers on the lahirai zatra day

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Margoa Railway Station

Margao is one of the most important towns of Goa. The Margao Railway Station sits at the intersection of the Konkan railway and South Western Railways and in essence is one of the largest railway stations in Goa. People who what to visit Goa from south India , travel to Goa via the Margao Railway station . The Station has three main platforms all of which an accommodate 24 Coach trains with ease

  • Station Code MAO
  • Arrival and Departure Enquiry at Konkan Railway Margao Railway Station 0832 - 2703950
  • Reservation Enquiry at Margao Railway Station 0832 - 270395
  • Online Map of Margao Railway Station 

List of Trains Going Thru or Starting from Margao Railway Station
  • Ers Ltt Special (01066)
  • Ltt Kochuveli S (01067)
  • Kcvl Ltt Specia (01068)
  • Vsg Sbc Link Ex (02779)
  • Nagapattinam Ex (06917)
  • Ngt Vsg Expres (06918)
  • Adi Madgaon Spl (09401)
  • Mao Adi Specia (09402)
  • Mandovi Express (10103)
  • Mandovi Express (10104)
  • Eranakulam Exp (11097)
  • Poorna Express (11098)
  • Jan Shatabdi Ex (12051)
  • Jan Shatabdi Ex (12052)
  • Mangalore Exp (12133)
  • Mumbai Exp (12134)
  • Kcvl Garib Rath (12201)
  • Ltt Garib Rath (12202)
  • Sampark Kranthi (12217)
  • Kerla S Kranti (12218)
  • Dehradun Exp (12287)
  • Ddn Kcvl Sup Ex (12288)
  • Rajdhani Exp (12431)
  • Trivndrm Rjdhni (12432)
  • Goa Smprk K Exp (12449)
  • Goa Smprk K Exp (12450)
  • Amritsar Exp (12483)
  • Asr Kcvl Expres (12484)
  • Ers Pune Expres (12519)
  • Pune Ers Sup Ex (12520)
  • Mangala Ldweep (12617)
  • Mngla Lksdp Exp (12618)
  • Matsyagandha Ex (12619)
  • Matsyaganda Exp (12620)
  • Vsg Patna Exp (12741)
  • Pnbe Vsg Expres (12742)
  • Goa Express (12779)
  • Goa Express (12780)
  • Maru Sagar Exp (12977)
  • Maru Sagar Exp (12978)
  • Hapa Express (12997)
  • Hapa Ten Sup Ex (12998)
  • Bkn Kcvl Expres (16311)
  • Bikaner Express (16312)
  • Vrl Tvc Express (16333)
  • Veraval Express (16334)
  • Nagercoil Exp (16335)
  • Gandhidham Exp (16336)
  • Okha Ers Expres (16337)
  • Okha Express (16338)
  • Netravati Exp (16345)
  • Netravathi Exp (16346)
  • Ypr Vasco Exp (17309)
  • Ypr Biweekly Ex (17310)
  • Mas Vasco Exp (17311)
  • Vsg Chennai Exp (17312)
  • Kcg Ypr Exp (17603)
  • Amaravathi Exp (18047)
  • Vsg Howrah Exp (18048)