Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fatorpa Temple

The temple at Fatorpa is built in honor of the deity Shantadurga .Located near the town of Cuncolim in Quepem taluka. The Temple is accessible via NH17 that passes through the village of Balli.

History of the Fatorpa Temple 

The Shantadurga temple was originally located at the local market in Cuncolim. It was in Cuncolim that the first revolt against the Portuguese rule took place in Cuncolim, where the Jesuit missionaries were attacked and killed by the locals. In retaliation the original temple was destroyed by the Portuguese . The deity was taken and hidden in Fatorpa by locals which was outside Portuguese territory in those days and remained so for almost two centuries. Later a new temple was built there and the deity has remained there ever since 

The devasthan of the temple has 12 vangods, comprising 12 different communities. It is interesting to note that these 12 vangods of the devasthan are required for the commencement of any socio-religious rituals of the village and temple. All religious and social functions are done on the orders of these 12 people.

Idols of Navgrahas, Kalbhairav, Tandavnritya, Kaliamardan, Hirenyakashphu and Ugradevta are housed in the temple and the various vangods temples are located all around the temple 


Fatorpa Temple Band from Kantak Amey on Vimeo.
The temple band playing the local tune during a god ceremony at the Fatorpa Temple

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